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About Lori

Lori Frost, Founder

Lori is a designer and self-proclaimed cacti lover living in Utah. She co-founded Ayara, a luxury removable wallpaper and home decor company, in March of 2022. Lori loves to learn, and when she's not working she fills her days with running to her kids' events, illustrating or painting, baking treats, spending time in the garden, and working on home decor projects. The wife of a cancer survivor and mother to four kids, she’s learned that faith and family truly are everything.


Lori has always been a creative person. She grew up singing + majored in contemporary vocal performance. It wasn't until after college, though, that she discovered her knack for design.

Wife + Mother

Allen + Lori were high school sweethearts. But that doesn't mean it was always rosy. These two have quite the story to tell! They live in Utah with their 4 awesome kiddos.

Desert Girl

From cacti to succulents + more, Lori is a desert girl at heart. She gets her love of plants from her mama as well as her dislike for doing dishes. :) But looking at her plant babies in the windowsill makes it all worth it. Almost.


Her dad may be a master carpenter, but this girl never learned his skills. Lori loves a good DIY project and believes in making your home feel like YOU. Together with her husband, they're tackling new projects, learning new skills, and having fun along the way!

Faith Clinger

Life can be tough. But in seasons of good + seasons of struggle, it's essential to keep faith at the core. Lori has learned from life experiences that when we choose faith, we allow Christ to help us and give us the strength we need. He is always there for us.

Food Lover

Is there anything a carton of Blue Bell or Guittard chocolate chips can't fix? Lori has the biggest sweet tooth on the planet and loves baking in the kitchen with her kids! She enjoys posting her favorite recipes on the blog because let's be honest... things that good are meant to be shared!

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