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About Frost Design Co.

I'm Lori, and this is my husband Allen. Allen was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. It came as a huge shock to all of us, especially considering he was only 29 years old and was doing tricks on the wakeboard just a few weeks before his diagnosis. We had just moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, for a job post graduate school. Without any family nearby, we were on our own little adventure! Allen noticed what he thought was a bug bite on his neck, but when it didn't go away and appeared to get larger, we went to a doctor. Everything moved so fast after that.

Over the next several months, Allen underwent intensive chemotherapy and multiple surgeries. We felt overwhelmed by all that was going on. Our young familywith 4 kids between the ages of 7 years and 6 monthswas not only trying to adjust to our new life, but also our new normal. We felt vulnerable and overwhelmed. But then something miraculous happened. Others rallied around us. They cared for us like we were their own family. They lifted us in our darkest hour. I learned so much about service from the hearts and hands of these people who are now dear friends. They helped watch our kids so we could go to Allen's chemotherapy treatments together5 days a week. It was a sacrifice on their part for sure. They brought by meals or treats or things they thought might help Allen or thoughtful gifts to brighten my day. They took the kids out to get a happy meal or invited them to go on an adventure fishing. They called and sent texts to check in on us. They dropped by just to say hi and give a hug. Every little bit made a huge difference. Their service truly changed us. It lifted us + gave us the courage to face the hard days + cry when we needed to, but still get up each day + keep pressing forward. That's when I started to see how one person can truly make a difference.

Allen and I want to do something-- anything-- to give back. We considered so many ideas + charities before feeling the need to #liftwherewestand and join with others who will do the same! We hope you can find that same spark that started this idea, and that it inspires you to make a real difference in the life of someone else. Find someone on your street you can help, or an organization in your community. Find a child who needs encouragement, or a cancer center needing volunteers. Find a charity you can support. Get involved in making the world a better place. We truly can make a difference where we are with what we have.




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