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Real Talk + 7 Healthy Snacks

I've been known to admit that I really don't have a sugar threshold. Treats and sweets have always been things I enjoy, partly because I love to bake and love the taste of sweet breads, cakes, + brownies, and partly because I have a relationship with food. #realtalk It's only been in the last few years that I've realized how closely my emotions are tied to my eating habits.

Yesterday I listened to a chapter in the book, "Girl, Wash Your Face," by Rachel Hollis and so much of what she said resonated with me. I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I have the mindset that skinny people are pretty. Why? Where did this all stem from? And how can I change it? I know it will be a slow process, but I feel empowered to change and to love myself the way that I need to. So baby-step by baby-step, I am going to make the choices that will give me more confidence and foster happiness.

With all the candy that's sure to pile up over the next week, Allen and I decided to cut out treats + sweets for a month. Then we'll have family in town for Thanksgiving and will give ourselves a day or two off, and then we'll decide where to go from there. Has it been hard already? Yes. But will it be worth it? Definitely!

I thought it might help to share 7 of my favorite healthy snacks that are simple to make and take zero prep time. Seriously. These have saved me on so many occasions! And most of them are gluten-free options as well!

First up: I call this my Harvest Bowl (see pic). Simply dice up some cucumber, tomato, and mozzarella cheese (Cheese Head string cheese is my go-to) and top with a little freshly-ground salt + pepper. That's it! It tastes fresh, is completely healthy, and the flavors will leave you feeling satisfied.

Next: Hard boiled eggs. These protein-packed snacks are SO incredibly simple to prep. I use the instant pot and they always turn out amazing! If you're really going for convenience, you can easily buy pre-cooked hard boiled eggs at Costco or your local grocery store. Eat them plain like I do, toss them in a salad, or arrange some slices on toast. A little salt + pepper and you're good to go!

Third: Tree nuts. Sadly, my oldest daughter is allergic to tree nuts so we can't have any in our home. BUT!! Almost every time I run to Sprouts, I pick up some of their cashews to have on the way home as a special snack. It's one of my favorite healthy foods that really fills me up!

Fourth: Popcorn! I love snacking on popcorn, and now you can buy it lightly salted + buttered under several different brands. Costco and Sam's Club carry the oversized bags, or any grocery store should have lots of options. I usually pop mine at home in the air popper (or from a bag) and make sure to have lots on extra servings on hand for my kids!

Fifth: Rice cakes + popcorn cakes. Have you seen all of the different varieties they offer in these nowadays? You can have cheddar, chocolate, apple + cinnamon, buttermilk ranch... there are so many options! My kids love these, too, so I make sure to buy extra so we don't run out and leave mommy hangry. Lol!

Sixth: Cinnamon fruit dip with apple slices. This is a family favorite! Take 6-8 oz of plain, Greek yogurt and add some honey and cinnamon to it. Stir it up, slice up some apples, and enjoy! Healthy, filling, and delicious! I love this healthy snack.

Seventh (and last): Tomato avocado toast. My favorite bread is Alpine Valley Bakery's Honey Sprout wheat bread. If you've never tried it, it is so, SO good! Toast it up with some avocado + tomato slices on top, and you will be in heaven!! 

I hope this list is helpful to you! Isn't it funny that we can really enjoy so many healthy foods, but when it comes to making the choice between healthy, filling food and a convenient, indulgent snack, treat, or dessert, many times we choose the unhealthy one? It drives me crazy that I keep making the same unhealthy choices over and over again when I know it doesn't make me happy in the long run. So... here's to hoping we can make more healthy choices in the future and feed our bodies with the things they really need!

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