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DIY: Scandinavian Tapered Candle Holders

December 04, 2018

DIY: Scandinavian Tapered Candle Holders

You've probably seen minimalist tapered candle holders in a handful of shops this holiday season, and there's a reason for it! They look warm and inviting in any space. But when you can get the same cozy, modern look for a fraction of the price, it's worth a trip to the hardware store for this little DIY. I promise you can have this project completed in under 20 minutes!

So... are you ready for the easiest DIY on the planet?! To make these modern, Scandinavian-styled tapered candle holders, all you'll need is:

- A  base

We're using simple wooden stars we just snagged for $1 each at Target (score!!), but you could substitute it for another wooden shape or block, a concrete base... I've even seen candle sticks made from re-purposed rolling pins!

- Copper couplings

Go for a copper coupling that's 3/4" wide and 1-2" long. We're using two different couplings for this tutorial, and I have to say that I prefer the longer/taller ones... so go for those! Here is a 3/4" copper pressure slip coupling without a stop at 1 1/2 inches long. Easy peasy. The shorter ones we're using are 3/4" copper tube caps that are about 1" tall. They only work well if the base is flat, but it's not as easy to keep your candle standing straight with these shorter copper fittings so keep that in mind. It is nice to have a few of each if you'd like varying heights.

-  Bonding adhesive for wood and metal

Pick up a strong adhesive like Gorilla Glue, E6000, or one of my favorites... Loctite Epoxy that you self-mix. Just make sure it's the kind that dries clear and NOT yellow!!

And now for the how to...

Remove any stickers from the base and copper fittings. Then take a microfiber cloth and wipe down the surface of your base. Following the instructions on your bonding adhesive, glue each copper fitting to the center of each base and allow appropriate drying time before inserting your tapered candle. Voila! You're finished! 

Modern, Scandinavian-Style Tapered Candle Holders

Modern, Scandinavian Tapered Candle Holders DIY

These would look beautiful displayed on a mantle or as part of a holiday tablescape. I also love the idea of giving them out to neighbors and teachers as gifts during Christmastime.

Happy holidays, and happy crafting, friends!



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